Our Approach

LGBTQ+ friendly

We take absolute pride in providing safe and quality housing for the historically marginalized and silenced. We exist and we deserve safe spaces to be authentically who we are. Chrysalis Home believes love is love and sexual orientation and gender identities should not hinder you from a healthy and thriving life in recovery. Our staff are knowledgable and always learning more about how best to respect and support our community.


We believe you know your identity best. We respect and support your preferred language and needs surrounding your gender identity. Our people are what make communities and spaces safe. At all Chrysalis Home residences, we celebrate diversity in all its forms and expressions so you'll find no judgement here.

and capable

MAR stands for Medication Assisted Recovery and applies to people with opioid use disorder. The idea behind this term is supporting the person's use of prescribed medication to assist in their recovery, along with psychosocial services and recovery support services, like group meetings. Chrysalis Home accepts MAR/MAT patients and provides appropriate measures to safely secure these important tools.

FARR-certified, level II

Chrysalis Home is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is seeking accreditation by FARR (Florida Association of Recovery Residences), a state affiliate of NARR (National Alliance for Recovery Residences).

NARR is a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding the availability of well-operated, ethical and supportive recovery housing. We have developed the most widely referenced national standard for the operation of recovery residences.

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The Seven Dimensions of Wellness

As a recovery-oriented program, Chrysalis Home supports each resident's holistic health and well-being. We utilize the Seven Dimensions of Wellness model for ongoing inspiration and goal setting.